Version 1.2.0 - Released 14 July 2020

Here's a rundown of all the changes we've made to BurnRate in Version 1.2.0, which we released on 14 July 2020.

  • NEW! Integrated Scaling Resources: We've built new resources to help you scale your company right into the app!
    • Partner Center: We've expanded our network of partners so much that it needed a brand new home. The all-new Partner Center allows you to find vetted platforms that share our mission to help companies scale efficiently. Each of these providers have special offers just for you, and you can redeem those offers right inside the app. We'll be expanding the Partner Center in the weeks ahead with more partners and curated content to level up your operational effectiveness.
    • Help Center: We've endeavored to make BurnRate as easy as humanly possible, but sometimes you still need a helping hand. So we've integrated our Re:amaze helpdesk directly into the app, and we'll be working to expand its capabilities and content in the weeks ahead.
  • NEW! User Invitations: We've improved our back-end systems to made it easier to onboard your team.
    • We're testing this feature internally and will be rolling it out to allow you to invite stakeholders yourselves at some point in the future.
  • UPDATED! Hiring Timelines:
    • We've updated the Scenario Settings page with tooltips that help you understand what each of the four hiring stages (Sourcing, Screening, Hiring, and Onboarding) refer to.
  • UPDATED! People Algorithm:
    • Our algorithm has to roll backwards into the previous year in order to make sure it displays employees that are in the middle of ramping before the reporting period starts. There was a flaw in our logic for companies over $4M ARR that added too many employees at the start of the rollback period. The effect would be that the quota capacity would be too large inside the reporting period, and ramping would be skewed as a result. This has been corrected, and we've added more tests our testing suite.
    • The new Hiring Timelines feature now requires us to roll forward into the next calendar year in order to take into account the parts of the hiring process that start (but are not completed) inside the current reporting year. If you've added your Hiring Timelines to the Scenario Settings, you will likely see additional hires in the 2020 calendar year, even though their quota does not start until early 2021.
  • UPDATED: Company Dashboard: We've improved the experience for what you see when you first log in.
    • Hiring Schedule: The first column of the Dashboard now leverages the Hiring Timelines feature to break down the dates of your next critical hiring stages in chronological order.
    • Partner Center: The second column now contains an updated and dynamically-driven set of Featured Partners from our Partner Center. These are just a small sampling of our Partner offers, so make sure you click "See More" (or the "Partner Center" link in the sidebar) to check out the rest!
  • UPDATED: Logins & Security
    • We fixed an issue where, if you stayed on the site long enough for the login token to expire, your next request would appear to be broken. Now if you use the app and the token expires, it will prompt you to log in again.
    • We implemented short-lived tokens to make our API more secure.

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