Version 1.6.0 - Released 28 September 2020

Here's a rundown of all the changes we've made to BurnRate in Version 1.6.0, which we released on 28 September 2020.

  • UPDATED: Hiring Plan
    • NEW: Waypoints! No growth rate lasts forever, so you can now have multiple sets of assumptions in the same Scenario. Now you can see how the rest of 2020 looks AND set a new course for 2021 at the same time! We hinted at this one last week, and are excited to finally release this HEAVILY requested feature!
      • Currently, Waypoints are active for Topline and Dealflow assumptions. We will extend them to Role-based assumptions (like quota and ramp-up) in a future release.
      • For now, you can only create one additional Waypoint, but we'll unlock more as we gather feedback on the feature.
    • NEW: Change ARR Effective Dates! In order to set a Waypoint, you have to be able to specify when it starts. So we're letting you change the date your first Waypoint takes effect too!
      • This lets you do things like set future goals, and then work backwards!
  • UPDATED: Calculation Engine
    • We had to make multiple adjustments to the BurnRate Calculation Engine to enable these features. But don't worry, all the math is still rigorously tested!

That's it for this release. Keep that feedback coming folks!

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